Friday, March 16, 2012

Andrzej Korzynski's Possession soundtrack overview

Finders Keepers has recently released Andrej Korzynski's vital soundtrack work for Andrzej Zulawski's Possession as a limited cassette. While I can't wait for the Possession score to be released properly on LP and or CD, the tape will have to do until that time.

Beyond finally having a copy of the already known and phenomenal Korzynski music used in Possession, this release brings to light 12 wonderful tracks (out of 27 total tracks) of material that didn't make it into the film. Up until now, these tracks were never heard by the general public. The unused pieces work incredibly well with the familiar material.

First the known music...

The Night The Screaming Stops (Opening Titles) perfectly captures the spirit of the film with the pulsating electronic rhythms and synthesizer melody. The Night The Screaming Stops (Tempo) is a minor variation of the opening titles song and is used towards the end of Possession.

Meeting With A Pink Tie is the uptempo synthesizer driven track when Mark is talking with the man with a pink tie (and later known pink socks) about watching the dying dog under the porch yelping. The Man With Pink Socks is a riff of of the Meeting With A Pink Tie track and appears when the pink socks are finally revealed after Mark throws himself down the spiral staircase to his death. Both tracks are exquisitely sequenced and fast tempo synthesizer numbers that elevate the given scenes they are used in.

Mark Looks In The Fridge, Heinrick's Demise, Detective Deserts, Closely Observed Anna and What Is It? all contain assorted atmospheric rumblings with synthesizers, effected piano and delayed woodwind trails.

Helen Has Green Eyes is the absolutely beautiful and haunting recurring piano theme. Like the opening titles track, Helen Has Green Eyes perfectly aligns with the surge of emotions that Possession encompasses.

Mark Sees Everything circles around the Helen Has Green Eyes melody using synthesizer pads.

Andrzej Korzynski

As for the unused music...

Opetanie 1 through 6 are demented tango tracks with cascading violin and bass synthesizer work. I love all of these tracks as they possess the carnival aspect of the proceedings while adding touches of beauty, mystery and playfulness.

Possession - Orchestral Theme 1 and 2 essentially expand upon the song Helen Has Green Eyes with strings and subtle synthesizer backing. These unused tracks are my favorite of the lot and have a majestic quality to them.

Kreuzberg 1 through 4 tracks all have menacing drones and dip into familiar synthesizer motifs known in the used Possession material. These tracks riff off of the scene in which the lead detective is looking for his detective lover while following Anna to the creature apartment. The Kreuzberg tracks are variations of the track Blue Ford B-AZ6.

It is incredibly exciting that the  Possession soundtrack has finally been released. The LP/CD of the score can't come out soon enough along with more of the marvelous Korzynski soundtrack work for Zulawski films. With luck, the next string of releases will include the soundtracks for The Third Part of the Night, The Devil and On the Silver Globe.

The Finders Keepers cassette release instantly sold out on the main UK Finders Keepers site though is still available at the US based sister site, B-Music for those who can't wait for a more practical format to appear: